Norman Gillaspie

Mr. Gillaspie, the Company's President founded Gillaspie Communications Inc. (GCI) in 1980 which achieved over $3 million in annual sales in less than 36 months. Financing was completely through profit from sales, vendor credit and personal investment. The company was sold to a consumer electronics manufacturer in Taiwan in 1984.

GCI was a pioneer the home TVRO industry and produces various products over the years including:

* Low cost Image Reject mixer at 4Ghz
* Model 7500 4GHZ TVRO receiver
* Model 7600 4 GHZ TVRO Receiver with Variable Subcarrier Tuning
* Model 9600 Computer controlled Satellite Receiver with remote control

In 1984 Mr. Gillaspie founded another company called ISS Engineering which providing Commercial
RF products and Satellite Products for the CATV and Satellite Data Broadcast Industries.

* Fixed Frequency TV Modulator Model 2500
* Frequency Agile Modulator model GL2600
* High Output Level CATV modulator GL2610
* NTSC Video Tuner Demodulator
* GL5000 C-KU Band satellite receiver
* First Satellite Receiver that plugged into a PC Patent Number 4777657
* First TV tuner Demodulator the plugged into a satellite receiver
* First satellite delivered paging broadcast receiver, uplink system and service to paging operators.
   service used by  Pagemart, Pagenet, Cue Paging etc. total pagers exceeded 8,000,000 units.
* First commercial satellite receiver using a DSP to perform DTL (Direct to Line) FDM-FM demultiplexing.
* Pagelock system to lock VHF-UHF base station to a common satellite derived frequency Standard.
* First to provide a USENET news via satellite to Schools and government organizations.