Frequently asked questions for the FlexMod II


1)  How to I control the modulator?

 Control of the modulators symbol rate, output frequency, forward error correction etc. is via a standard RS-232 port.

 There are 15 bytes that are used to control the modulator. A text file can be built and saved for various preset values. Execution of the control program will upload the bytes to the modulator and commend the modulator to change to the new parameters.


2)  Do I have to reload the parameters each time the modulators is powered up?

 No the last used vales will remain in non-volatile memory. The modulator will be up and running in about 500ms from power up.


3)  What is the maximum data rate that can be transmitted?

 The maximum data rate is 55mbps or 36MHz of RF bandwidth which ever is larger.


4)  Can I use the modulator with any satellite receiver.

 You can use the modulator to directly feed a DVB compliant Set-top box.


5)  How do I get data to be transmitted into the modulator.

 You need to feed the modulator a valid DVB transport stream from a source which has an  ASI or SPI output. Some MPEG2 encoders will provide a transport stream or a PCI card from Linear Systems, Optibase and can provide the source.


6)  I want to send a single or multiple video program to a set-top box how do I do this.

 PCS Engineering can provide the software and hardware solutions to build a valid transport stream a DVB (MPEG2) program(s) and spool the programs to the modulator on demand. Please call PCS for details and a solution that will work for you.